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If you have any problems with the game, make sure that the latest drivers are installed. Below are links to help you update your drivers.

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Download the missing ARIALUNI.TTF font from Square Font Guide

Guild Profile

Guild Master Poseidon
Score 0
Members 19
Alliance None
Rivals None
Castle Sieges Won 0
Arka Wars Won 0
Ice Wind Valley Won 0
Name Class Level Master Level Position Status
Poseidon Empire Lord 400 437 Guild Master Offline
Shadow Lord Emperor 400 373 Member Offline
vernate Dragon Knight 400 410 Member Online
xFBI Lord Emperor 400 395 Member Online
Zeus Master Gun Breaker 400 194 Member Online
Athena High Elf 400 382 Member Offline
ConvictMax Blade Master 400 326 Member Offline
Cross High Elf 400 370 Member Offline
daybeos Noble Elf 400 410 Member Online
Dream Blade Master 400 371 Member Offline
FF99 Lord Emperor 400 392 Member Offline
Hera Dimension Master 400 384 Member Offline
Kekosa Empire Lord 400 433 Member Offline
Lizoca Slaughterer 400 426 Member Offline
MaxMax Soul Wizard 400 417 Member Online
Mazx Grand Master 400 371 Member Offline
mendiat Soul Wizard 400 409 Member Offline
Odin Blade Master 400 381 Member Online
Otis Empire Lord 400 458 Member Offline

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